Harvey Virtual Reverse Raffle Rules

Harvey Virtual Reverse Raffle Rules

Watch the Reverse Raffle LIVE! on Sunday 2.28.21 at 6 PM on The Harvey Red Raider Athletic Booster Club page!

You must be 18 years of age or older at the time of purchasing raffle entries to qualify for participation. You must, however, be 21 years of age or older to purchase entries for any of the prizes where liquor or alcohol are provided as part of the prize raffle basket.


(1) The Main Board prize is $2500. There are 200 numbers to be called. The main board controls all side boards.

(2) The holder of every 25th Main Board ticket number drawn will win $25.

(3) Side boards are a 50/50 split with the winning ticket holder(s) and the HHS Athletic Booster Club.
-The $10 Side Board prize is $1000.
-The $5 Side Board prize is $500
-The $3 Side Board prize is $500

(4) After the first 195 tickets are drawn, the remaining 5 tickets will be the winner(s). When you purchase a ticket, you will make a choice of split or go all the way.

(5) The last number drawn is the winner for the Main Board and side boards.

(6) Ticket holders who chose to go “all the way” are eliminated from the split option if their numbers are drawn before the last number. The remaining two to four ticket holders then split the prize.

(7) The committee with settle all disputes and the decision is final.

(8) All unsold tickets are the property of the HHS Athletic Booster Club. If any of those tickets are in the final drawn, it is assumed the HHS Athletic Booster Club’s tickets will go “all the way”.

50/50 RAFFLE

(1) The 50/50 proceeds are split between the winner and the HHS Athletic Booster Club


(1) You must be 21 years or older to bid on prizes with alcohol.

(2) Auction prize winners will be posted on the website at 6PM on Sunday 2/28/21

(3) Winners will be contacted by a booster member via phone number provided at purchase to arrange pick-up or drop-off

(4) Winners have the option to pick up their prize at Harvey High School from 6 – 7PM on Sunday 2/28/21.
*Send a personal message to the Harvey Red Raider Athletic Booster Club Facebook page to arrange pick up on this day

(5) Auction Prizes cannot be shipped to winners. Pick up or drop off must be arranged. It must be within 25 miles of the school.

(6) Winners must respond to booster club by phone, Facebook personal message, or email (harveyboosters@gmail.com) by March 31, 2021 or prize will be forfeit.

(7) Auction winners will be decided by excel random name formula. (1) entry/ticket will translate to a row in excel, and excel will randomly select a winner. read more about it here.

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